13 Dec 2013

Earn With India's First Online Survey Panel

IndiaSpeaks is an online survey panel where consumers
join hands to shape and develop products and services
by voicing their opinions through surveys launched
by brand-owners.
The panelists registered with IndiaSpeaks earn reward points for participating in the surveys. They are periodically informed about the surveys through email. On receiving an invite to participate in a survey, a panelist has to answer a short screener questionnaire which enables IndiaSpeaks to identify if the panelist matches the target audience criteria required for the survey. And once your responses to the survey have been captured by our server, you will earn reward points that you can redeem.
The community of panelists includes professionals, homemakers, Business Decision Makers, Students, Retired People, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, IT Decision Makers, and Teenagers representing a good mix of regional and cultural diversity.

Join Now : www.indiaspeaks.net